Who Am I?


I am a junior Java developer and a beginner Android developer!

What I've Studied?

Started with a Java Bootcamp and continued with some online Courses ( Udemy.com: Java Tutorial for beginners, Complete Java Masterclass ). Also finished "Head Firs Java" book :). On November 2017 I was selected for Udacity Google Developer Challenge Scholarship – Android basics and successfully completed the course. This gave me the opportunity to learn also the basics of Android Development.


On February 2018, I was selected to continue the Android Development course with Android Basics Nanodegree by Google - Udacity

Java Development

Java Developer

Android Development

Google Android Developer

Work I Did!

A classic Java exercise code gets life through Android: Three card monte, or simply, Guess Card Game.

Download APK Git code Image

Android APK will be uploaded soon...


Android APK will be uploaded soon...


Where To Find Me?

Online on Linkedin

Offline through the below CV.